Advances in Non-coding and Coding Sequences for Genome

Non-coding & Coding Sequences for Genomes

In recent years, merging new roles of non-coding RNA are transforming biology. It is increasingly clear that RNA is more than a mere messenger and performs many diverse and interesting functions. Huge numbers of genomic information are ensemble collected in worldwide databases on cancers & diseases, huge amount of genomic sequences. Advances in understanding of RNA are reported focus on various classes of non-coding RNAs, such as microRNAs, snoRNAs, tRNAs and lncRNAs in genome stability, immunology, and epigenetic inheritance.
This workshop will cover a range of systematic approaches on multispecies including protists, invertebrates and mammals etc. Advanced biology, bioinformatics, genetics, computation, mathematics and statistical approaches are mixed up with to translate new RNA mechanisms under efficiently analytic approaches. 
This workshop will organize a group of creative researchers together to discuss the state of the arts technologies to exploring new schemes for Non-coding Functions of the genomics.  All levels of approaches are encouraged on the concepts, ideas, models, tools, packages and practices of relevant to Non-coding issues for different functions, elements & components from RNA/DNA genetic sequences. The primary target of this workshop is the useful theory and practice of Non-coding Functions on genomics, using advanced methods for biological discovery and developing creative schemes & approaches in either biology or bioinformatics. 
This workshop focuses on approaches for extracting, modeling and organizing special features of non-coding functions from wider RNA/DNA sequences through worldwide sequence databases on feature measurements, organizations, visualizations & applications

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Jeffrey Zheng

Yunnan University

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